Supporting Safe Driving At All Times

While driving lessons are most often associated with a new teenage driver, PA Driver Education Academy recognizes that the best drivers never stop learning. Learn how you, your family, or your employees can benefit from continued driver education to keep everyone safe on the road.

Recognize  •  React  •  Avoid

New Drivers

Starting at the age of 16 in the state of Pennsylvania, a driving permit can be obtained. Let PA Driver Education Academy be your guide through the learning process. We are experts in providing the state recommended 6-hours of behind the wheel instruction.


Just because a driver obtains a license does not make them ‘good’ on the road. Experience over time in challenging situations increases a driver’s maturity. To accelerate the ability to make positive decisions on the road, PA Driver Education Academy goes BEYOND the testing minimum requirements with Adaptive Driver Training.


Do you need to gain more confidence on the road? Have you always avoided driving in certain conditions? Have you recently had a change in health that makes you nervous to get behind the wheel? PA Drivers Education Academy caters to your unique needs to provide you the ultimate continued learning experience to be safe on the road.


"PA Driver Education Academy is extremely helpful and provided my daughter with a good and solid driving instruction over the course of three weeks. She passed her driving test without any issues. I certainly would recommend Kirk. He is professional, reliable and extremely informative."

Katie C

"My son received his driver's license after learning from Kirk. I appreciated having another adult to relay information and discuss safety with him. My son was more receptive of it coming from Kirk. I highly recommend them!"

Erin J

"Kirk is extremely professional and knowledgeable and takes the time to educate each student. This is a must-have for all young drivers."

Makenzie L

"Kirk was very patient with our daughter. She learned very many valuable lessons from him. He taught her everything she needed to know in order to pass her test on her first try. Highly recommended!"

Linda B

"Kirk was a great instructor. Teaches skills and really focuses on driver safety and awareness. Very professional. Also helped focus on areas that would be on the driver test. Highly recommended for young drivers."

Maggie B