New Drivers

NEW Drivers

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Applying for a PA Non-Commercial Driver’s Permit?
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What You Will Learn

As a newly permitted driver in the state of Pennsylvania, we look forward to being a part of your learning process! If you are 16 and older and have obtained your PA Driver’s Learning Permit, the PA Driver Education Academy is your starting point for success on the road.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education and Pennsylvania Department of Transportation guidelines recommend 6 hours of supervised “Behind the Wheel” training with a licensed instructor. Training Sessions are held in three, two hour sessions.

Together, we accomplish many objectives during this time:

Session #1
  1. Discussion and examples of what to expect for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Driver License Exam
  2. Familiarization with your vehicle controls and what to know when you get behind the wheel of an unfamiliar vehicle
  3. How to read an actual map. Most students don’t know what to do if their GPS or phone Apps (Google Maps, Waze, etc.) don’t work
  4. Discussion of safety checklist before the vehicle goes on the road
  5. Discussion regarding what to do after an accident, medical emergency, or road emergency
  6. Vehicle maneuvering and control exercises (in a specific safe, parking lot.) Exercises include forward parking, reverse parking, driving in reverse*, turning techniques
  7. Identification of the six safety recognition zones of a vehicle
  8. Identification of a vehicle’s blind spots
  9. Road driving on rural roads especially with hills, turns and restricted lines of site
  10. Neighborhood driving to recognize blind intersections and intersection right of way courtesies. Proper stopping techniques at stop signs and stop lights
  11. Driving in an urban setting where the student learns to react to tight streets, busy intersections, parked cars, pedestrians, etc.
  12. Begin Vehicle control exercises, parking lot location
    • Driving in reverse for an extended distance
    • Turning the vehicle while driving in reverse
    • Road Obstacle avoidance exercises
    • Emergency Braking exercises
    • Serpentine Driving exercises
    • Practicing “K” Turns
    • Practicing “Half H” Turns
    • Parallel Parking exercises
Session #2
  1. Continuation of skills and activities from Session #1
  2. Vehicle control exercises continued practice and:
    • Road Obstacle avoidance exercises
    • Emergency Braking exercises
    • Parallel parking exercises
  3. Highway driving
    • On ramp acceleration, Vehicle Distance Recognition, Merging
    • Safe Lane Changing
    • Safe Passing
    • Avoiding Aggressive Drivers
    • What to do if you’re involved in an accident or witness an accident on a highway
    • Maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles
    • Recognizing Blind Spots on your vehicle and all the vehicles around you
    • Off ramp deceleration
Session #3
  1. Continuation of highway driving
  2. Identifying hazardous road conditions and how to react to them
  3. Safe Driving Practices
  4. Reinforcement of individual needs of the student
  5. Driver exam test preparation review, mock on the road ‘test’

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"PA Driver Education Academy is extremely helpful and provided my daughter with a good and solid driving instruction over the course of three weeks. She passed her driving test without any issues. I certainly would recommend Kirk. He is professional, reliable and extremely informative."

Katie C

"My son received his driver's license after learning from Kirk. I appreciated having another adult to relay information and discuss safety with him. My son was more receptive of it coming from Kirk. I highly recommend them!"

Erin J

"Kirk is extremely professional and knowledgeable and takes the time to educate each student. This is a must-have for all young drivers."

Makenzie L

"Kirk was very patient with our daughter. She learned very many valuable lessons from him. He taught her everything she needed to know in order to pass her test on her first try. Highly recommended!"

Linda B

"Kirk was a great instructor. Teaches skills and really focuses on driver safety and awareness. Very professional. Also helped focus on areas that would be on the driver test. Highly recommended for young drivers."

Maggie B