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Learning to drive is about independence, growing up, and assuming an incredible responsibility. Here at PA Driver Education Academy, we make sure that every new driver is ready to be on the road.


In the State of Pennsylvania, teenagers are eligible to gain their driving permit at the age of 16. This is the time to schedule learning with us.

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Our Academy meets and exceeds the requirements for the Pennsylvania Driver’s Road Exam. Both parents and driver gain peace of mind knowing that the best instruction has been provided.

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OUR Story

Meet our founder, Kirk Lysek, survivor of three teenagers needing to drive in his household…

Like all parents, Kirk was terrified as he stepped into the car for the first time with his oldest just over a decade ago. As he allowed his daughter to take control of the wheel for the first time, he thought, ‘What qualifies ME to teach her how to drive?’ As the answer was not reassuring… he had never taught someone to drive in his life.

Jump forward to now when Kirk’s passion is working with teenage students with great experience to empower them to be the best drivers on the road. Starting with his very own daughter in 2011, Kirk became determined to develop not only a ‘driving school’, but an experience that would allow his students to gain the upper hand on driver safety, control and confidence.

We invite you to experience the difference of instruction that the PA Driver Education Academy has to offer.


“We are so thankful to PA Driver Education Academy for offering continued driver education! Just four months after our daughter earned her license, we received the most dreaded call a parent could receive, ‘Mom, I’ve been in an accident’.

While cited as a ‘no fault’ accident at a yellow light, and being blessed with no injuries for our daughter, the car was totaled. We knew as parents that our job was to continue her education behind the wheel. Kirk was amazing as he worked with our daughter over three 2-hour lessons to evaluate her driving needs and train her to handle the extreme driving situations that can happen at any time. Our daughter has gained confidence and skills that will follow her for the rest of her life on the road. As her parents, we have a greater peace of mind knowing that we went to the best to continue her education.”

– Deb Colitas

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